What's important

Some wine connoisseurs prefer a dry, smoky red while others favor a crisp white. Just like wine, business owners have different palettes and different needs when it comes to digital consulting. While we have experience working with multi-million dollar brands and startups alike, we prefer the latter. We want to share a conversation and get to know you, not just your company.

We’ve found that with mutual trust, company growth is accelerated. In order to provide you with articulate, actionable tasks, we first have to understand you and your goals.  

Like a fine wine, we want to age with our clients to ensure your company finds success now and in the future.

To partner with eager-to-grow businesses on digital initiatives. Your success is our success.
— Bixler Consulting Mission Statement

Core Values

  • Immersion: We ask a lot of questions because we believe immersion leads to understanding.

  • Education: We recognize the many hats business owners and executives wear, which is why education is a key component in all our partnerships.

  • Balance: We strive to maintain balance by making social service an integral part of our culture.

  • Honesty: We believe honest feedback and open communication is the cornerstone for a successful, symbiotic relationship.