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Our Story


What next from here?

Having spent over a decade in the digital marketing industry, serving dozens of small and large clients, Jessi found herself at a crossroads in her career.  What next from here? Like you, she’s always had that small flame deep inside, a yearning to start her own small business doing what she loves while also supporting others.

While attending a local networking event, Jessi crossed paths with a woman who was in the throes of launching her own business. Needing some guidance in the digital marketing space, Jessi agreed to consult with her on the development of her website and launch of her business.

With no shortage of start-ups and growing small businesses in the Kansas City area, Jessi saw the need for a local, digital marketing strategist but more importantly a trusted partner to help local startups find long term success. It was time she fanned that flame she’s always felt inside, and create Bixler Consulting.

The Why

Jessi has been married to Chad, also a small business owner, for nearly 10 years. Jessi and Chad are no strangers to the world of entrepreneurship.  Nearly 15 years ago, Chad partnered in the development of a startup company. With Jessi’s support, the company continues to thrive. Their first two years in business, the company saw tremendous growth and doubled their revenue.  Beginners luck? No. Hard work accompanied by strategic execution? Yes. The company continues to thrive today.

Together they have two spunky children, Lincoln (8) and Aria (5). One of their favorite things to do as a family is travel and create memorable experiences together. Limited by corporate paid-time-off and often long commutes, planning vacations became difficult. Jessi longed for missed opportunities with her growing children like breakfast time, hugs before the bus and bedtime stories not accompanied by the exhaustion that comes from a full day’s work in corporate America.

Mindful of the precious time she was missing with her family and the affinity she had to serve entrepreneurs, it only made sense to take a leap and form a company where she could do both.