Ducharme Dermatology

Ducharme Dermatology is a full-service medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology clinic in Clive, IA. Each patient is seen by founder and board-certified dermatologist, Erin Ducharme, MD, FAAD. Dr. Ducharme treats patients with a variety of conditions — from unsightly growths, aging-related concerns, and hair loss to chronic rashes, psoriasis and skin cancers.

Ducharme Dermatology began seeing patients in September 2018 with a fully-functioning website showcasing services offered. Almost immediately, the practice manager found it increasingly difficult to work with the current website provider. Update requests to the website, both large and small, often took days or weeks to be addressed.


We contacted Bixler Consulting after hearing about the firm on some message boards for dermatology and seeing some of their websites. Overall our experience was very positive. It was a fast-moving and easy process.
— Alex Ducharme, Practice Manager



Cornerstone Homepage

Ducharme Dermatology was disappointed in the amount of time their previous website provider took to implement minor change requests. Clients are now empowered to manage their website in the Squarespace platform, eliminating the waiting game and making content updates and additions a breeze.


Patient forms

A user-friendly form on the website makes it easy for patients to reach Ducharme Dermatology. Whether patients have questions about a service or would like to schedule an appointment, Ducharme office staff receives the information immediately and can follow up directly, resulting in timely, efficient communication that sets the stage for aa wonderful patient experience.


Cornerstone contact

Since there was already an existing website, Bixler Consulting was able to work directly with the previous website company to transfer the current domain into Squarespace and implement 301 redirects. This ensures that as Google crawls the website it doesn’t see any broken links and continues to view Ducharme Dermatology as an authority in the space.


With the expert knowledge delivered by Bixler Consulting, Cornerstone Dermatology received a tailored website that more than exceeded their expectations, and in a compressed time frame. “We have a place we can point patients to and can grow with us through the years.”