Dr. Susan Barngrover, PhD, MSCP, ABMP

As a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Barngrover treats all her patients using an integrative style. This approach enables her patients to resolve problems and enhance their natural coping style. Dr. Barngrover sees patients looking to resolve health and lifestyle problems such as recent medical illness, school adjustment, relational problems, recent divorce, or grieving of a loved one as well as treating more serious depression, anxiety or trauma.

Because Dr. Barngrover works with patients of all ages, she began to recognize the necessity of having a web presence she really never paid much attention to before. As part of the baby boomer generation, the thought of going through the necessary steps to create a website seemed like a daunting undertaking. Because her patients quickly develop a rapport with her, it was paramount that advantage was also relayed through her website.


Jessi made it easy and manageable for an older adult who did not grow up in the electronic age.
— Dr. Susan Barngrover



Dr. Susan Barngrover form

Dr. Barngrover was shocked at the number of inquiries she was receiving just days after the launch of the website. She requested a simple form on her website to help her gather a small amount of information about potential patients prior to calling them on the phone. Information provided on the form is sent directly to her private email inbox.


Dr. Barngrover new patients

With an already thriving private practice, Dr. Barngrover wanted a way to ensure that new patients interested in being seen by her had an easy way to learn more about what the first session would look like as well as download her standard New Patient Information packet. This not only saves her office manager time, but it provides a better experience for potential patients.


Dr. Susan Barngrover map

Receiving a fair amount of daily calls during office hours, one of the major questions was where the office was located. The new Map feature added on the Contact page allows patients in the area to visualize where the office is. In addition, when accessed from a mobile device, the pinpoint of the map will automatically pull in the office address allowing the user to get step by step instructions.


Overall, Bixler Consulting was able to provide Dr. Susan Barngrover with a clean, professional website in a timely and concise manner. She is now able to reach a larger audience and dictate the messaging about her practice, providing a better experience for potential patients.