Cornerstone Dermatology

As a well-known dermatologist in the Kansas City metro area, Dr. David Fieleke felt called to continue providing excellent, compassionate care to patients in the area through his own medical practice. With resounding support from his family, colleagues, friends, and advisers, he adventured down the road to form Cornerstone Dermatology and Surgery Group in 2018.

After practicing in the area for nearly a decade, Dr. Fieleke recognized the importance of marketing as a whole to alert past patients and new patients of their freedom to choose expert service for their skincare needs. It was of utmost importance that all marketing reflected this vision, especially the website, which would be used as the primary means to begin promoting services offered.


We’re thrilled with our choice to partner with Bixler Consulting for our website development. We appreciated Jessi’s professionalism and friendly manner from the very beginning.
— Dr. David Fieleke



Cornerstone Homepage

After working with a graphic designer, Cornerstone Dermatology provided a set of brand-guidelines which was weaved throughout the overall website design. Patient demographics range from 1-100 so the choice of font, use of color and overall page organization was paramount.


Patient forms

To assist with efficiency the moment a patient enters the office, Cornerstone Dermatology offers the convenience of filling out required paperwork prior to their appointment. In addition, the website seamlessly integrates with their EMR allowing bill pay and up-to-date information management.


Cornerstone contact

Bixler Consulting was able to guide the Cornerstone Dermatology team on relevant tactics to support their goals that stretched far beyond the website. The final website works seamlessly with all aspects of marketing, digital and traditional, to ensure an integrated experience for patients.


With the expert knowledge delivered by Bixler Consulting, Cornerstone Dermatology received a tailored website that more than exceeded their expectations, and in a compressed time frame. “We have a place we can point patients to and can grow with us through the years.”