In order to focus on what we do best, we partner with the best in the industry to provide resources that coincide with the strategy we are developing. Take a look!


Having worked with the team at Voltage over the last decade, there was no question when it came to who Bixler Consulting would partner with to provide advanced digital marketing services to our clients. We will partner with Voltage to ensure your company has the most advanced insight with regard to Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC (pay-per-click), copywriting and email marketing.


Webster tells us that a blog is a frequently updated online personal diary or journal. But we are also told that having a blog on our business site can "humanize us" or "increase our SEO rankings" or "drive traffic." This notion of blogging leaves many business owners and executives rolling their eyes, but all of the above is true. Anne Xenos is an immensely talented wife/mom/business manager by day, hilarious and relatable blogger by night. She lives and breathes everything Bixler Consulting stands for, and there is no better person to partner with on blog creation and editing.